Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feathered Fish Fibers

Well, my latest news is that I have added a lot of new stuff and to my Etsy shop and renamed it Feathered Fish Fibers. I have had tons of fun dyeing fibers and spinning yarns, and I'm becoming... well, quite passionate about it.

There you'll find some gorgeous handspun yarns:

Merino Yak luxury yarn, 3.5 oz, 160 yards 2-ply

Merino 3-ply, 5 oz, 456 yards

BFL singles, 4 oz, 450 yards

As well as some beautiful rovings:

(Finn, Corriedale, BFL & Cheviot)

I have more fiber in the dyepot as we speak, and I update the shop regularly.
Every fiber lover will find something there to enjoy!

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