Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mostly About Spinning

This January I joined another spinning challenge, 12 pounds in 2012. Last year I joined the eleven pound challenge, but only made it up to nine pounds. It was fun, although I did find at one point I was rushing through my yarns and not enjoying the process as much. This year, I joined the challenge, but I am totally enamored with Russian spinning that I doubt very much I will make it.

I took a class from Caroline of Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts and ended up coming home with this cherry wood Russian spindle:
All wrapped up in yak, cashmere, and alpaca.

I spun up some camel, merino, bamboo and a hank of yak, silk, wool and bison. I can't wait to get started on the other rovings, and knit up my new, beautiful yarns.

This year I want to explore the different bare fibers, to compare breeds and spinning styles. January is all about merino. I have some olive and brown top I am spinning.
Olive Merino
I also took some dyed merino top and spun it into singles, and carded and spun some corriedale. The difference between the fibers is amazing! Corridale is so long, lustrous, and lofty compared to the merino. I like merino but I have fallen in love with corriedale.

The picture shows the worsted merino singles in blue, about 4 ounces and 350 yards. The woolen corriedale is green, 2 ply, 525 yards and also 4 ounces. Amazing difference, but I wonder how much of it is due to the woolen vs. worsted method? I want to get some combed corriedale top to see how it compares to the carded rolags.


And for my final spinning poison, somehow 100 grams of brown cotton fell in my lap a Make One's trunk show of Ancient Arts Fibres on Saturday. The staple is super short but I love, love, love spinning it. I also love the finished yarn so much better than a mercerized cotton that I am more than willing to spin enough of it to make... this? I'll keep you posted.

Brown cotton, spindle and bowl.

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the greenhorn knitter said...

This last picture is so interesting! The wool looks so sumptuous and soft!