Friday, June 22, 2012

A Good Week

This morning, we had a real treat!

Hot Air Ballons

Some hot air balloons soared over our place. I don't know why, but even cynical old me gets excited about these. Benny, of course, immediately wanted to get into one- although when they lit up the fire it freaked him out a bit. It looked like they landed in one of the fields just past 12 Mile Coulee Road, so they were quite low.

This week I managed to get quite a lot done. First, I dug up some lilac suckers which were spreading out underneath the deck. I could just barely reach the one, and discovered a second one which I moved as well. I added them to the row of lilacs I got from my dad last summer.


I had hesitated because I wasn't sure if they'd be "exactly" the same- they're probably different varieties- but I won't be going to Winnipeg this summer and won't be getting more from Dad, so I decided to just plant the rest of the row from my own suckers.

I also hoed up the back garden bed. I had planted some icelandic poppy seeds, but saw no evidence of them (we were hit with a deluge the next day, so I think the seeds washed away). There were a bunch of weeds, so I hoed up the whole thing and put in some annuals I had started from seed, and covered it with mulch, which I have found to be a decent weed suppressant.

Back Garden

There's also some nasturtiums that are getting started, rhubarb, and lilies. Only one raspberry survived the trip from Winnipeg and the winter, but everything else survived.

The lamium is blooming at the back:


and another columbine is starting to open at the front. I looked for buds, and it looks like in the next few weeks, the garden is really going to get gorgeous. I can't wait!

I also got some things going on my wheel. I am getting a little tired of combing all that wool and alpaca together, so I'm taking a break and spinning up some shetland I dyed.



I think I'll chain ply it.

I finished off one of my Ann Cecilia socks (except for the grafting):

Ann Cecilia Socks

And some nice stuff is coming out of the dye pot.

Sock Spinner Set
Sock Spinner Set in Teal Deer, wool/nylon 75/25, two 2oz braids.

Sock Spinner Set
Sock Spinner Set in Golden Rule, wool/nylon 75/25, two 2oz braids.

Blue Faced Leicester, 4oz.

Wensleydale, 4oz.

I've got some alpaca going and a few more braids drying. I love making pretty braids!


Avi Abrams said...

Beautiful dyed fiber! Enjoying the garden, too (let me know which other earth lumps to haul). Yes, these baloons nearly landed om my car when I was bringing Ian to school bus.

Lisa-24-7 said...

Your dying is just so lovely, I think it's amazing how pretty you make it come out :)