Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Plenty of progress, not much completion. The first and most exciting progress to me is the progress of spring. (I can't believe I'm posting this in March, and I feel the Universe will bite back viciously if I'm not careful.) I have been watching the progress of this outside my back door:
And look! That's actually a bud! I'm trying very hard not to get too excited about it. There are more daffodils near this one but they haven't come up yet, which I think is a good thing... the other ones will have a better chance of actually blooming properly. But just think! If this blooms, it will be the earliest I have ever seen flowers in Calgary.

I finished spinning up the purple soy silk, and decided to n-ply it after all. In the end I got this:
 160 yards, and 50 grams. I'm not sure what it'll be exactly but I'm on a moebius neckwarmer kick, so that's a strong contender. But I can't knit it right now.

Last month, I finished spinning a rainbow 2 ply, and Ian quickly claimed the yarn for himself. This week I finally finished the thumbs on his mittens:
The precise reversal of colors was a fabulous accident. I knit these top-down. Unfortunately these took a little more than half the ball, so I can't make another pair, but I think I will be able to make a smaller pair for Benny.

I have also been chipping away at my endless blanket (Started in July 2010!) and now it is time for an update. It's getting a bit big for bringing around everywhere, but I keep it in my car and work on it if I happen to be waiting for someone or forget to bring something else. 
My last bit of progress is some spinning. The March challenge for the Spindler's group is to spin something "femme fatale", which for me is red corriedale. The March challenge for the 12 in 2012 group is to spin something in a carded preparation, so I am doubling up my challenges and spinning my red corriedale from carded rolags. 

I also pulled out some of my luxury fiber for supported spindle. I had a need for green, so this is the 40% bison, 40% alpaca, 10% silk and 10% merino blend from Ancient Arts Fibre.

As you can see, I have filled one spindle and am filling up the next. I think I could have spun this on my wheel, but not so thin and lofty. It is so smooshy! I am thinking of ordering another bag of it, it's such a lovely blend.


thehappymummy said...

Wow, I really like that "endless blanket"! It's beautiful!

Grammy and Grampy said...

I'm wowed by your colors! And rooting for that daffodil bud...

Tangle said...

Thanks girls!

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