Friday, April 20, 2012


Look who's poking up cheery little faces!

First crocuses!

I saw them coming, but didn't realize how close they were to blooming.

first crocus!

It is so lovely to see that sometimes, hard work pays off. I did so much digging and planting last year. I think not everything I planted last fall has survived, thanks to the rabbits...

first crocus!

but these did!

My other surprise this week was not a good one. I got to the heel on these socks:


and discovered that, due to a gauge issue, they are a full inch longer than they're supposed to be. Annie at the Loop suggested that rather than frog them down past the heel, I cut off the toe and an inch of the colorwork. Unfortunately getting the stitches picked up in colorwork is proving to be a huge challenge, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do after the tears dry up.

I decided that the CxSR fleece would be perfect dyed pink and spun in a 3 ply. It sounds like a much better project right now than those darned socks.

Dyed fleece

Wish me luck.

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Avi Abrams said...

so much beauty and hope in these flowers...