Saturday, September 18, 2010

That's Too Small

We have a big book from the library about science on our table, and Benny was flipping through it this morning. He came to the section on human biology, flipping past the detailed diagram of a neuron and axon (which he thought was a squid and expressed relief that it was only a picture)and on to the human reproductive page. There was a lifelike, detailed picture of a mature fetus in the womb.

He was interested in the umbilical cord. "Is that the baby's toy?" he asked. I explained that it brings food and oxygen to help the baby grow. (And I was thinking, no, sweetheart, the baby's toy is Mommy's bladder.) Then I pointed out the cervix and birth canal, explaining that they expand to fit around the baby's head when he is ready to be born.

"What?" he said. "The baby can't come out of there. It's too small."

Tell me about it, kid.


Shirley said...

We have videotape of our now 21 yo daughter as a fetus, grasping her umbilical cord and swinging it back and forth. So, yes, sometimes, it IS a toy!!

Catheirne said...

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