Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Know How To Do That

On Sunday, we were curled up on the couch together, Ian and I, and he was mesmerized watching me knit. He, being a sophisticated eight year old, knows everything there is, and if he doesn't, "my mind tells me". It was no surprise when he stated,
"I know how to do that."

He began wiggling his hands around in a passable imitation of the smooth movements he'd been watching for the last half hour. So I decided the time was ripe to hand him a pair of needles and some yarn. I taught him a basic cast on, and he proceeded to fill the needle with it.

He is catching on pretty quickly and I'm prouder of him than I can even express. And guess what? All he wants to do now is knit. He even sometimes forgets to dress up in his knight costume before he starts.

The scarf in progress:

He, of course, is focused on the day when he will knit his own fish hat. So am I, actually. Somebody else to knit up all my stash.


Tanya said...

bewwy chweet

Alrischa said...

I hope my kids are interested in knitting! If I can't leave the stash to them, what will I do with it all? lol.

Now he just has to start a knitting blog and get a Ravelry account. hehe.