Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Knitting Tanglewise

Since all I do (besides the normal running of a household with two boys, studying Hebrew, playing the guitar and I forget what else) is knit and crochet, I can't resist starting up a blog to use up any vestiges of spare time which I might have spent reading. I'd love to have just a brag page (what knitter doesn't?), but that would be terribly useless, so I'll share tips and tricks I've picked up here and there, besides posting a few of my designs and ideas, favorite yarns, and who knows what else. A few spoilers- watch for baby layettes, slipper socks, boy's sweaters and little girls' poncho designs.

I was really hoping for a girl-baby at some point so I could have some excuse for depleting the yarn store's stock of novelty yarns, but it was not meant to be... except that now I have two nieces, who work very nicely as an excuse. I made a beige cable sweater for my older son, which he thought was horribly boring (he said "I wanted orange!") until I explained that the cables were train tracks and he mistook "bobbles" for "bubbles"- and now it's the coolest thing going. Still, boys are harder to knit for; there's no clamor for pink eyelash yarn or lace edgings. Since I have boys, I'll be posting as many "made for boys" patterns as I make up, since there really aren't that many out there- and sometimes just substituting a dark yarn doesn't really cut it.

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